GDS Ship Engine Room Simulator (SERS) is ready for use in your training!

GDS ship engine room simulator (SERS) software can now be used in your training!

SERS Main Screen

The specifications of the SERS is as follows:

  • Meets the training requirements per STCW.
  • Assessment and Evaluation Tools: It has simplified method for evaluating and assessment of each individual trainee. Our assessment system identifies the level of each trainee using our system.
  • Engineering Thinking: It has correctly displayed Pressure, Temperature, Flow Rate, Viscosity, and other necessary parameters at all required sections. Many other simulators do not include required parameters. An engineering thinking can only develop by understanding the physical and engineering laws and analyzing the systems through numbers!
  • Self/Guided Leaning: It has Guides pages for self training. This may be of very importance for the new training centers with only few instructors.
  • Ease of Understanding: 2D drawings are active, unlike many other competitor’s products. This gives much better understanding of the systems by the trainees.
  • The following are the pages for running all systems interactively in full mission mode:
    • Ship/Bridge Controls and Interfaces with engine room operations and visual display from bridge
    • Main Engine (2 cycle, low speed diesel engine with P-V diagrams and required engine parameters)
      • All main engine systems (fuel, LO, Fresh Water Cooling, etc.)
    • Auxiliary Engines (3 diesel generators, 4 stroke diesel engines)
    • Electrical system (electrical control system, remote controls, consumers pages, and other controls and panels)
    • Boiler and steam system
    • Compressed Air System with  realistic control systems
    • Separators (HFO, DO, LO)
    • Engine Room Safety
      • Fixed Fire Fighting Station (unlike other simulators, it has the coverage to train the system )
    • Ship Ballast System
    • and other systems required in a typical engine room.
  • Local Mode / Full Mission Mode: Our engine room simulator pages can work in 2 training modes.
    • Local Mode: Each system page can run separately without affecting other systems. In this mode, an instructor can can local parameters and demonstrate many scenarios that can happen on that part of the system.
    • Full Mission Mode: A typical simulator in which all system parameters affect the related systems on other pages.

Some of the screenshots from our software:

Circuit Breakers
Compressed Air System

Global Dynamic Systems
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