GCIP Workshop Presentation, 14 Aug 2018 by Aqua Vision Energy, Inc. Ozer Cakir and Dr. Ismail Cicek


AQUA VISION ENERGY, Inc. made a presentation at the GCIP Summer Workshop Summer Camp Event at CISCO Innovation Center at Istanbul Tehnical University, Ayazaga Campus, Istanbul, Turkey.

Technical Director of AQUA Vision, Mr. Ozer Cakir, Marine Engineer with over 25 years of experience, along with support from ITU Academician Dr. Ismail Cicek, presented and reviewed their presentation on their innovative solution with with Global Cleantech Innovation Programme (GCIP) Team. The presentation aims to explain the product using Work Model Development and Application Methodology.

A special thanks to GCIP Cleantech mentors and workshop program organizers, the presentation methodology and reviews are becoming very helpful for understanding the methodology of business development and presentation methodology.

With Aqua Vision’s patented innovative product “ENERGY CARPET”, Aqua Vision aims to convert the energy from waves into usable electrical power.

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