We consist of highly experienced managers with engineering background  and a very young and energetic team of innovating minded personnel as well as highly experienced engineers. Some our personnel works in academia and joins our team depending on the active project’s requirements.

Burak Çavuşoğlu is Marine Engineer with great skills in performing research and investigation in innovation and systems engineering development. He is awesome in writing articles with through thinking. You might see him on the cover of Bestseller technical and educational books in future. No kidding!

Kenan Eren, already proven to be one of the high quality program developer, is the main software developer of our Ship Marine Engine Room Simulator (SERS). Graduating from Technical High School in Marine Systems discipline and adding university level knowledge and skills in Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty, Kenan has a good grasp of ship systems knowledge and he knows how to put this knowledge into the training software development. He definitely will be one of the technical leaders in educational technology developments. 

Mehmet Kaya, a graduate of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University, knows how the ship behaves and how to program it! His work looks cool! I understand the kids as well as general managers of shipping companies very much like his work, I call it art of programming for the next generations.

Dr. Burak Ozsoy is the Head of our R&D projects. All top notch companies would like to have one experienced engineer like Burak.  He is currently helping a well-known company in their new patented development in medical field in US. Dr Ozsoy can manage all fields in a product development project. He is the one to keep us focused!

Dr. Nebi Gedik is also part of our team with academic studies. Working as Assistant Professor in Electrical Engineering Dept. of Marmara University, Dr Gedik leads the electrical systems topics in simulator development projects.

C/E Kemal Demirel  is our checkpoint for developing marine engineering systems and programming. With over 30 years of marine engineering as well as academic experience, he is of a great benefit. C/E Kemal Demirel is currently lecturing in Marine Engineering Department of  Istanbul Technical University. Kemal Demirel has a total of 4 books published in his area. His books in Marine Auxiliary Machinery are great asset to have in an engineer’s own library. C/E Demirel helps development of our projects, as needed by active projects. C/E Kemal Demirel’s published books are currently in use at Istanbul Technical University Marine Engineer Department courses. These books are:

  • Gemi Yardımcı Makineleri ve Sistemleri 1, Başmüh. Kemal Demirel, Birsen Yayınevi, Istanbul, 2014.
  • Gemi Yardımcı Makineleri ve Sistemleri 2 / Başmüh. Kemal Demirel, Birsen Yayınevi, Istanbul, 2014.

C/E Seckin Mengecin  , working at Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty, also helps in the development of educational simulators, as needed.  Seckin Mengecin has over 30 years of marine engineering experience onboard ships. His experience helps us understand the real world requirements and what is most important in trainings. Our team is always tankful to have experienced academicians like him. 

Ismail Kandemir became one of the most experienced personnel in testing, laboratory management and certification projects with over 5 years of experience at our Marine Equipment Test Center (METC).  He currently leads the test center and manages the test projects.

Alper Seyhan, is Research Assistant at Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty. He manages the research projects and organizes the test trainings at ITU Marine Equipment Test Center (METC)

Suleyman Duman is a Research Assistant at Yildiz Technical University, working for completion of his Ph.D. degree study.  He is highly experienced engineer for modeling and design in ship hydrodynamics, ship resistance calculations, ship maneouvering, and propulsion systems. Mr. Duman supports our team in our active projects.

Ali Demir is a mechatronics engineer with over 4 years of experience in systems engineering programming.  Graduated from Okan University, he became a guru in LabVIEW programming. Although Ali had to work for another organization due to project funding changes, we always consider Ali as part of our team.

Dr. Ramazan Asmatulu is an Associate Professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Wichita State University. He is our long distance partner and joins our team for providing consultancy and training services to local companies and organizations in Turkey, upon request, in his following expertise and research areas:

  • theoretical and experimental understanding of nanoparticles for solar cells, fuel cells, supercapacitors, and biodiesel production
  • laminate and sandwich composites for aircraft and wind turbine manufacturing
  • functionalization and crosslinking of CNT wires modeling and simulation of solid structures
    highly durable nanocomposite thin films for lightning strike prevention, EMI shielding and fire retardancy
  • electrospun nanofibers for scaffolding, biosensors, structural health monitoring and water splitting
  •  nanocomposite coatings against corrosion, moisture and UV degradation
  • nanomembranes for waste water filtration, and nanoemulsion and hydrogel-based targeted drug delivery systems.

Dr Asmatulu is currently working with nine PhD, 12 MS and six BS students and one postdoc. He has published more than 350 technical papers with his students and collaborators in his field.  Prior to this position at WSU, he had postdoc and R&D experiences at Virginia Tech, University of Connecticut and Yale University. 

Click here to display Dr. Asmatulu’s CV.Click here to display Dr. Asmatulu’s CV.

Please communicate with us for receiving Dr. Asmatulu’s consultancy and training services at your organization.

And I, Dr. Ismail Cicek, am an academician and engineer with a sense of humor, like one of my supervisors used to say about me, once upon a time.

There are many other academicians, who are supporting our projects, as needed in active projects. Their support is always very helpful and important. The following academicians are only few of those:

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