Product Testing

Testing Services at Marine Equipment Test Center (Gemi Teçhizatı Test Merkezi, GTTM)

In all project phases, starting from requirements to verification tests, unit tests, integration tests, environment tests, and final/acceptance testing, we can support you. We can plan and test mechanical products, electrical equipment and devices, composite and innovative materials/alloys, Hazardous Materials (HAZ-MAT) packaging, medical equipment, an many other type of products developed in field use in dynamic environments. We provide test and evaluation training at your location or at Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty Campus. Previously we gave training and consultancy services to many organizations.

Our test center, Marine Equipment Test Center (METC) is located in Tuzla, Istanbul. METC provides accredited services for testing prototypes for harsh environments, such as temperature, humidity, drop, tensite, loading, inside pressure, corrosion, etc. We perform tests according to ISO 17025. We are experienced in developing proposals with verification and validation activities. Whether you are developing a device or a piece of software, we are experienced in developing test plans, procedures, reports, and so on…

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Our Test Capabilities
(our Environmental Testing Chambers and Tests)


Gemi Teçhizatı Test Merkezi, Tehlikeli Madde Ambalaj Testleri

Testing and Certification of Hazardous Materials Packages
(Product testing per ADR Agreement)



GTTM Testing of Lifesaving Equipment

Testing of Marine Life Saving Equipment (LSA) (per IMO LSA Code)

GTTM Training Courses on Testing

Short Training Courses on Test Planning and Documents, Test Standarts, Testing and Test Management
(per MIL-STD-810G, RTCA-DO-160, and other standards)

The manager of the METC facility, Dr. Ismail Cicek, have long years of testing experties since 2000s. MIL-STD-810G, RTCA-DO-160, ADR agreement for testing of hazardous packaging materias for transportation, Life Saving Appliances (LSA) Code are some of the standarts we were experienced and the lab has test infrastructure. We, every year, areadding more capabilities and this year vibration testing will also be one of capabilities.

METC capabilities are explained in the following brief pages:

– METC Test Services [PDF]

– METC HAZMAT Packaging Tests [PDF]

Education and Training Services on Testing

Testing of Life Saving Applicances (LSA)

The following are some of our capabilities:

– Testing of military equipment per MIL-STD-810G (military test standards)

– Testing of equipment per RTCA-DO-160G (aviation test standards per EASA)

– Testing of Hazardous Material (HAZ-MAT) Packages for transportation

– Testing of marine equipment, life saving appliances, and so on.

– Tensile testing of metals, alloys, straps, etc.

– Surface roughness

– Corrosion testing

– Static load testing

– etc.

GTTM temperature Chamber

GTTM Environmental Test Chamber

Additionally, some verification activities can be done using analysis techniques. We can perform Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FEA), Fluid-Structure Interference (FSI) analysis in design stage for design verification and optimization.

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