Develop the simulation of your systems and processes for your Industry 4.0 readiness! (with our Industry 4.0 Component and Math Tools for NI LabVIEW)

For Industry 4.0 readiness, plant managers must develop a digital twin simulation model of their platform and this is not an easy job! For this, engineering systems, incorporating sub-systems, components, and processes and all those need to accurately be modeled using engineering modeling techniques. This is a needed development for the readiness of the Industry 4.0 compatibility of your platform management.

We, at GDS Muhendislik ARGE, develop simulation of platforms, using engineering principles, thermodynamics, heat transfer, fluid mechanics, and such. An example of such a simulation system in shown in Figure, which is a Refrigeration System of a cargo ship. Our simulation expertise, included but not limited to, diesel engines, generators and electrical use, lubrication systems, cooling systems, heating systems, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, pumps, separators, compressors, valves, and their control units. We are the experts in developing both component models and math models. We combined these into two supplementing tools as products. Please click here for more information about our products… A summary of our tools are follows:

We offer two products for your Industry 4.0 integration solutions as the following:

GDS Engineering R&D Product #1:
Industry 4.0 Component Models for LabVIEW:

  • This tool basically include library of programmable Graphical User Interface (GUI) objects for LabVIEW development environment.
  • Accessible within LabVIEW, our libraries contains almost all necessary components to develop a GUI for a plant or process system, as the infrastructure for the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Examples use of our libraries are petroleum refinery plant, electrical generation plants, systems in ships, airplanes, trains, chemical process plants, food processing plants, etc.
  • This library was developed for LabVIEW developers and is compatible with LabVIEW 2013 version or later.

GDS Engineering R&D Product #2:
Industry 4.0 Mathematical Models for LabVIEW:

  • This tool includes Virtual Instrument (VI) libraries consisting of mathematical modeling of heat exchangers, filters, pumps, compressors, diesel engines, boilers, etc.

Additionally, we provide engineering support services for your Industry 4.0 effort, as following:

Engineering Service 1: Programming your platform, process or engine systems (Sensor/Device data):

  •  For connecting your plant systems to LabVIEW, we recommend LabVIEW and National Instruments (NI) Data Acquisition and Instrumentation products ( NI provides software and training; however, we can provide engineering services to develop your software to connect your sensor network into your main program.

Engineering Service 2: Component Modeling & Simulation Work Support:

  • We can help develop your component modeling and simulation system as either engineering support service to you or we can provide training to your personnel. We generally are experienced to develop 1-GUI-page of system development in several weeks if the layout drawings and the information of the components are available.