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GDS Engineering R&D Products and Projects:

Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV)
Autonomous Surface Vehicle study for research and product development at Istanbul Technical University, Maritime Faculty
Ship Engine Room Simulator (SERS) for Use in Training

Testing Services by Marine Equipment Test Center at Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty

Our Brochures for Testing Services and Consultancies:

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İTÜ Denizcilik Fakültesi Test Merkezi: Capabilities
(our Environmental Testing Capabilities)


Short Training Courses on Test Planning and Documents, Test Standarts, Testing and Test Management
(per MIL-STD-810G, RTCA-DO-160, and other standards)


Testing of Marine Life Saving Equipment (LSA)
(per IMO LSA Code)

Testing and Certification of Hazardous Materials Packages
(Testing your products per ADR Agreement)


Academic and Professional Services

Organizational Training & Services

We provide process improvement trainings for having efficient processes and product management in your company.

Product Testing & Certification

Services for testing of your products for acceptance and certifications

Analysis & Simulations

2D and 3D simulations for demonstrations and training services

Biomechanical Analysis
GDS scientists provides services on biomechanical engineering modeling.
Product Certifications

İsmail Çiçek Yayın1Papers on Safe-to-Fly Test & Evalution




Article titled "SIMULINK KULLANARAK KONTROL AMAÇLI TÜRBOSARJLI DIZEL MOTOR SIMÜLATÖR TASARIMI" published by Dr. Şafak C. Karakaş. TMMOB Gemi Mühendisleri Odası Dergisi. 17/03/2016. Click here for reading.


SimulatedeffectSoftware developed by our personnel on biomedical analysis (by Dr. Burak Ozsoy) was explained in ta recently published article. He provides insight into the use of the anlysis in automotive sector.
Click here to read this material.