Ship Engine Room Simulator (SERS™)

GDS Ship Engine Room Simulator (SERS): Your Modern Choice in Your STCW Training!

Certified by ClassNK for IMO STCW 2010 (with Manila Amendments) and IMO Model Course 2.07 (2017 Edition)

SERS Main GUI Panel: SERS Offers over 50 GUI Panels for All Engine Room Systems and Operations. For Comprehensive Engine Room Simulator Training
ERS Main GUI Panel: SERS Offers over 50 GUI Panels for All Engine Room Systems and Operations

SERS™ has been developed with over 20 years of Engine Room Simulator Training experience. We have combined our on-board and academic experience with high level software engineering expertise for development of our state of the art product. With our product, certified by the Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK) as Class A (Full Mission), we ensure that the Instructors can utilize an efficient tool in their Maritime Education and Training.

SERS General Description:
• All engine room systems are simulated with interactive over 50 User Interface Panels. All parameters and systems are interconnected.
• Meeting training requirements per STCW 2010 (with Manila Amendments) A-III/1, A-III/2, A-III/4, A-III/6.
• Supports training programs using IMO Model Course 2.07 (2017 Edition)
• Container type ship
• Main Propulsion Marine Diesel Engine: Long Stroke, Two Cycle, Slow Speed with 7 Cylinders. 91 RPM with 21.7 MW power output at %100 Load.
• 3 Diesel Generators: Medium Speed, Four Stroke Super-Charged Engines. Each with 1760kW/2200kVA, 720RPM at %100 Load.
• Constant Frequency Electical Shaft Generator

GDS Ship Engine Room Simulator (SERS): Fresh Water Cooling System GUI Panel
GDS Ship Engine Room Simulator (SERS): Fresh Water Cooling System GUI Panel

SERS Training System: Models, Panels and GUI
Modules in One Training Software
• ME Bridge Comm. (Engine & Bridge Telegraph)
• Engine Control Room
o ME Controls
o ME Indicators
o Power System Panels
o Remote Pump and Compressor Controls
• ME Systems
o Fuel Oil System
o Lubricating Oil System
o Fresh Water Cooling System
o ME Bearings Monitor
o ME Cylinders
o ME Parameters Display
o Turbochargers

GDS Ship Engine Room Simulator: Engine Control Room: Circuit Breakers Panel. Comprehensive Engine Room Simulator Training. IMO Model Course 2.07. IMO STCW 2010 (with Manila Amendments)
GDS Ship Engine Room Simulator: Engine Control Room: Circuit Breakers Panel
Class NK Certification of the GDS Engineering R&D Ship Engine Room Simulator (SERS)
Valid until November 2023

Electrical Gen., Distribution & Control System
o Diesel Generators
o Shaft Generator or Turbo Generator
o Power Plant and Emergency Gen.
o Electric Distribution (440 V., 220 V, 24V DC & Emergency Distribution Networks)
o Electric Consumers

Engine Control Room Remote Panels
o Local Control and ME Maneuvering Operations.
o ME Control
o ME Indicators
o Alarms Panels
o Pumps and Compressors Remote
o Electrical Gen. Remote Panels
o ECR Circuit Breakers
o Main Indicators

Propulsion System
o Propulsion Plant: Shaft and Propeller
o Simulator, Ship, and Environmental Parameters
o Ship Resistance and Ship Speed
o ME Vibrations

High Voltage Training with SERS
o Circuit Breaker Panel with High Voltage Distribution System Main CB
o High Voltage Transformer with Design Parameters
o Vacuum Circuit Breaker with Simulated and Animated Views and Controls
o Bow Thruster with High Voltage Motor, AutoStarter, and CPP System

More SERS Features
• Boiler & Steam Plant
• Fuel Tanks, Transfer Operations and Separators
• Oily Water Separator and Environmental Pollution Prevention Practices
• Fresh Water Generator
• Refrigeration Plant
• Steering Gear with Local & Remote Controls
• Ballast Tanks & Transfer System
• ME DENOX System
• Alarms Panel
• Create and Identify/Acknowledge Malfunction Tasks
• Load Diagrams and Engine Graphs
• Initial Conditions and Training with Scenarios

Hardware: As option, GDS provides various control and monitoring consoles and similar hardware when realistic engine room environment is the objective of the requesting training institution. 

Trainee Station: SERS software training panels (over 50) can be distributed to individual touch screen monitors. These panels are interactive GUI panels, which demonstrates the performance of the simulator for use in a training.

SERS Instructors Station: Instructors can monitor, change dynamic parameters, inject malfunctions or events, and measure the response time of the Trainee or evaluate overall training performance, hold debriefings with Instructor Tools.

SERS GUI Panel Examples #1
SERS GUI Panel Examples #2

o A text based training report generated and transmitted to the Instructor for each trainee for each training session.
o Debriefing Tool: Screen captures generated for each user action and recorded in a historic time order, allowing to monitor and display the complete flow of the trainee actions.
o Instructor station for monitoring the training: Reaction times to malfunctions are displayed and recorded for each trainee for objective assessment. Trainee cannot see the malfunction and must identify the source of the problem using tools provided.
o SERS allows Instructors to easily record and maintain the training records.
o SERS Assessment Editor and Assessment Application allow for grading students for specific training, setup allowed by the Instructor.

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