Our Projects

We implement projects with an incremental product development strategy. Each time we work through a funded project, we are trying to increment our Technology Readiness Level (TRL) index and create a better competitiveness for our products.

Ship Engine Room Simulator (SERS)

Our 2D and 3D simulations, prepared for training and education use, satisfy IMO STCW requirements. It includes Main engine (diesel), boiler, air compressors, separators and other machinery in a typical cargo ship as well as all systems (cooling water, lub oil, fuel system, compressed ait, steam, etc) in the engine room. WE have a total of 26 user screens for operating the engines and associated systems.

Marine Engineering Training & Assessment System (METES)

Along with our simulator product, we develop training and education tools for self training and assessment program.

Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV): ITU-ASVTECH

At Istanbul Technical University, Maritime Faculty, we develop and ASV for testing the autonomous algorithms and sensors for various use, such as maritime surveillance, maritime operations and research use.

Propulsion System Modeling & Simulation. MS study degree by Naz Yılmaz, “Simülatör Uygulaması Amaçlı Gemi Sevk Sistemi Parametrik Tasarımı. Yüksek Lisans Tezi, Tez Danışmanı: Dr. İsmail Çiçek. İTÜ Fen Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Deniz Ulaştırma Mühendisliği Ana Bilim Dalı, Mayıs 2015.

Modeling & Analysis

We also develop our own engineering modeling and analysis programs. For example, we have our mathematical models developed for the analysis and simulation of diesel engines. This software can be used for both training and analysis of your actual engine’s performance.

Engineering Analysis Projects: Capabilities