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GDS Ship Engine Room Simulator, An example view of more than 50 GUI panels. SERS was certified by Class NK for use in Maritime Education and Training using Engine Room Simulators (ERS). SERS is certified to IMO STCW 2010 and IMO Model Course 2.07.
Ship Engine Room Simulator, An example view of more than 50 GUI panels.

GDS Engineering R&D, Inc., “GDS”, established in 2014, provides systems engineering products and services.
Besides simulator products, GDS develops marine engineering training material for organizations and
provides consultancies with solutions in their key engineering problems.

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Ship Engine Room Simulator
IMO Model Course 2.07

GDS developed Ship Engine Room Simulator, protected its name with a trademark as SERS.

Certified for use in training and education of marine engineering cadets

Certified by ClassNK, a Japanese Classification Society, an official member of IACS.

SERS is now currently in use by institutions for both in-class and remote (online) training. The same license can be used in both types of trainings.

Exceeds the IMO STCW 2010 requirements. Please ask us how!

Meets or exceeds IMO Model Course 2.07 courses. Please us ask how!

SERS also satisfies the High Voltage Training requirements.

Besides SERS, GDS also provides other simulators such as

– Electrical Systems Simulator (Ship ESS)

– High Voltage Trainer (Ship HVT)

– Virtual Physics Lab (VPL)

Project managed and completed by Dr Ismail Cicek

GDS has been providing systems engineering training to organizations and individuals since 2009 in the following subjects

MIL-STD-810H: DOD Environmental Test Standard

RTCA-DO-160: Civil Aviation (FAA/EASA) Environmental Test Standard

MIL-STD-461/464 EMI/EMC: DOD EMI/EMC Test Standard

GDS has completed many national projects and one international project so far. However, Dr. Ismail Cicek, founder of GDS, completed tens of academic and industrial projects in the USA before moving to Turkey. Dr. Ismail Cicek has over 30 years of experience in both academia and industry, 15 years of which is in the Defense Industry. He also took part in over 50 national and international projects and he became the project manager or project lead engineer of over 20 national and international projects.

GDS Engineering has the infrastructure, knowledge, personnel, and infrastructure to take part in an international project and to lead the projects. GDS developed its own Project Management System (PMS) that produces various tools and templates for use in project management with risk management and quality management included.