Diesel Engines

We perform design analysis and upgrade your diesel engine (marine, energy, or locomotive applications): Common Rail Upgrade, Electronic Injection Application, Cooler, T/C, manifold replacements.

Our iterative methodology for the design, analysis, and optimization of a diesel engine is as follows:

  1. Identifying and modeling the parts and developing models
  2. 3D components and system models
  3. 3D component analysis
  4. 1D and 3D system’s mathematical models and analysis and interactions
  5. Optimization study based on analysis results, study of components for applicability, selections, and producability
  6. Test system development and tests
  7. Calibration of mathematical models based on the test results
  8. Performance and efficiency calculations and iterations of thereofs
  9. Prototype development, material/component acquisition, integration, and tests
  10. Validation tests

This was the approach we had for modernizing a LOKOMOTIVE ENGINE!



  • We develop our own mathematical models and utilize engine analysis software for design, analysis and optimization. Some of which are
    • LabVIEW and Matlab for developing our mathematical models and simulations
    • GT-Power Engine Analysis and Simulation Software – SIL and HIL Simulations
    • ANSYS Fluent


  • Ship Diesel Engine Room Simulator(s): Our engine room simulator is about to be complete for educational use. It includes the main engine (diesel) and associated systems (cooling water, lub oil system, fuel system, etc) and all other engine room systems, such as oil fired boiler and steam system, compressed air system, steering system, seperators, pumps, etc.


  • Engine Simulations: Our firm is developing engine simulators, in which both diesel engine processes and systems and subsystems (turbocharger, air cooler, manifolds, etc.) are modeled and simulated.
  • We consider the following areas in our Mathematical Modeling and Engine Analysis
    • Termodynamics
    • Heat Transfer
    • Computational Fluid Dynamics
    • Mechanical Analysis (Finite Element Methods)
    • Vibrations ans Acoustics, Torsional Vibration Calculation (TVC)
    • Control System, Electronic Control Unit Application and Adjustment (Embedded Systems for Real Time Control Application)


  • Research and Product Improvement based study: Diagnostics & Prognostics Tools
    • Diesel Engine Efficiency Measurement System: Torque/power and fuel consumption measurement
    • Diagnostics and Prognostics Tools based on sensor based data measurement, transfer, analysis recording and reporting system.

In collaboration with:

OGAN Teknik Hizmetler A.Ş. & HEINZMANN


TSM research team (Prof. Dr. Jean-François Hetet:
Expertise in the field of ICE optimization and simulation of the
TSM research team from Ecole Centrale NANTES (France)


Gamma Technologies (GT-POWER Engine Simulation / GT-SUITE)


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