Engineering, Consultancy, and Training Services

We will support your work with our experience and knowledge. With our years of experience in product development, simulator development, engineering, and testing, we provide engineering services to help you perform better.

MIL-STD-810H: Test Plan Development

For your military equipment, we develop test requirements and environmental test plans and accodinly perform tests and submit test reports to support you in your critical design and development projects.

We are highly experienced in developing test plans for MIL-STD-810H. Remember, developing a test plan for 810 requires a study of developing test requirements by understanding mission requirements, operational concepts, environmental profile, and safety concerns. 


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Management of Environmental Qualification Test Projects

We manage environmental qualification test projects with our more than 50 test projects experience. Management includes development of test requrements, test plan, planning and execution of tests, and reporting. It sounds a simple list? Or, is it? We help complete your test activities to perform based on MIL-STD-810H, RTCA-DO-160G, and EMI/EMC testing.


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RTCA-DO-160 Testing, Reconsider Your Design To Pass!

For your airborne equipment, we study the test requirements and develop environmental test plans with an extensive study on equipment characteristics, functions, modes, and other specfics platform requirements
applicable equipment specs, relevant rules and regulations, relevant test standards, other applicable standards, test tailoring considerations.

Underwater Radiated Noise Measurement, Analysis, and Reporting

We have established a group of engineers and academicians, called “GDS Team”, to provide services on the URN Identification for companies in need of Underwater Radiated Noise identification for their platforms or ships through

  • research,
  • testing,
  • analysis and computer simulations, and
  • developing and submitting an internationally acceptable report.


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Optimization of your Systems with Machine Learning

With a through study of your plant parameters, we can propose and develop useful periodic reports on how to manage your systems better with problems arising before they actually occur.

GDS Engineering has the infrastructure, knowledge, personnel, and infrastructure and has taken part in international projects or to led projects. GDS has its own Project Management System (GDS-PMS) as well as Quality Management System (GDS-QMS) that help produce various tools and templates for use in project or quality management including risk-based management methods.


Contact us to help you in your systems optimization projects.

System Simulations for Operational Optimization

Our firm is developing engine simulators, in which both diesel engine processes and systems and subsystems (turbocharger, air cooler, manifolds, etc.) are modeled and simulated.

  • Use of the Ship Engine Room Simulator Our engine room simulator is complete for educational use. However, it also has high level of research capabilities for use by ship operating agencies for testing and understanding their systems’ behaviors. Our simulator is basically a “twin modal” of your container type ship.

Read more about our simulators, simulation tools and their characteristics.


Engine Room Systems, Reliability and Cost Optimization Study

Operating ship systems is complex management process. We study your data and recommend best practices to save cost of operating the engines based on your goals and technical considerations.


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Vibration Measurement and Analysis

We help engine developers solving their vibration related problems with software development, vibration measurement, and analysis.


Contact us to help you in your vibration measurement projects.

Engineering Analysis

We analyze the structures or systems for optimization. Our engineering analysis expertise include the following:

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Finite Element Analysis, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Vibration, Shock, and Sound Analysis, Impact Analysis, etc.




System Simulations for Operational Optimization

Our firm is developing engine simulators, in which both diesel engine processes and systems and subsystems (turbocharger, air cooler, manifolds, etc.) are modeled and simulated.


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Our team consists of experienced test managers, Certified Verification Engineers (CVEs), and submect matter experts in testing and training. Do not hesitate to communicate with us to  discuss how we may help.