GDS provides Virtual Physics Labs Product called VPL.

GDS Virtual Physics Labs (VPL)

GDS VPL supports undergraduate degree laboratory course exercises. Students are able to complete Physics I and Physics II Labs exercises with automation through in-lab student exercises or with online access.

Physics I Lab Example Subjects: Basic measurements. Motion with constant acceleration. Conservation of linear momentum. The equilibrium experiment. The friction experiment. Rotational dynamics. Simple harmonic motion. Projectile motion. Elastic and inelastic collision. Moment of inertia. Centripetal acceleration. Physical pendulum. Trainier (Lab Instructor) can select among existing lab experiements to establish the lab course contents.

Physical quantities and measurements, unit systems; vectors, kinematic quantities and the description of motion; Newton’s laws of motion; the concepts of work and energy, conservative forces and conservation of energy; momentum and the description of the motion of particle systems, conservation of momentum; kinematics and dynamics of fixed-axis rotation; static equilibrium; harmonic motion; gravity.

Physics II Lab Example Subjects: Fundamental measurements and Ohm’s law. Oscilloscope and signal generator. Signal Measurements: Voltage, Current, and Resistance. DC Voltage. Electric field and lines. Kirchoff’s law and Wheatstone bridge. Transient currents. Charging and discharging of capacitors. RC circuits. Determination of electron e/m ratio. Transformers. Trainier (Lab Instructor) can select among existing lab experiements to establish the lab course contents.

Coulomb laws and electrical field. Gauss law. Electrical potential. Capacitance. Electrostatic energy and properties of insulators. Current and resistance. DC circuits. The magnetic field. Sources of magnetic field. Faradays law. Inductance. Maxwell equations and electromagnetic waves.

The students are able to login, exercise the assigned modules, and prepare an exercise report for submission to the instructors. The students are able to do this in the laboratory or online. The reporting module, provides completion status and evaluation of each exercise for each student. Trainier (Lab Instructor) can select the lab experiements for the lab course contents.

In times like COVID 19, GDS VPL helps physics laboratory courses are completed effectively, even more efficient than it used to be. If you are a Physics Lab Instructor, please communicate with us to help you define and solve your laboatory training needs.

Maritime Simulator Products

GDS provides Ship Engine Room Simulator product called SERS.
Ship Engine Room Simulator

SERSTM is a certified, advanced, and Full Mission engine room simulator that can be used in both laboratory and distributed team environment training.
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GDS Ship Electrical Systems Sİmulator, Engine oom Simulator ERS Distributed System Full mission Panels
Ship Electrical Systems Simulator (SESSTM)

SESSTM is a software simulation of all electrical systems in a typical engine room. It can be used as a laboratory software or in-class demonstration software.
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GDS Ship High Voltage Simulator Sample Screen View IMO Model Course
Ship High Voltage Training Simulator (HVTSTM)

HVTSTM is a software, which can be used in the training of high voltage operations onboard a ship, such as Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Transformer, and high power loading to the main bus.
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GDS provides Virtual Physics Labs Product called VPL.
Virtual Physics Labs

VPLTM is software, which supports the laboratory sessions of Physics I and and II experiements, which are mechanical and electrical experiments, respectively.
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