GDS Ship High Voltage Simulator Sample Screen View IMO Model Course
GDS Ship High Voltage Trainer (Ship HVT™) Simulator: A Sample Screen View

GDS High Voltage Trainer (Ship HVT™)

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) requires HIGH VOLTAGE training for marine engineers working onboard ships. This training is usually performed with in-class sessions and application using a device or a simulator. GDS Engineering R&D developed a High Voltage Trainer (HVTS) for use in this training program. The GDS HVTS is not only be part of the GDS Ship Engine Room Simulator and Ship Electrical Systems Simulator, but also a separate application to use as a seperate simulator for use only in a High Voltage Training program. The GDS HVT was developed for use in a classroom/lab environment as a simulator. It does not require hardware other than a computer. We recommend using a large screen monitor for high graphics effects are visualized much better.

GDS Ship High Voltage Simulator Sample Screen View IMO Model Course Vacuum Circuit Breaker View Circuit Breaker

GDS Ship HVT includes the following functions:

The GDS HVTS simulator was specifically developed to simulate the functions for a high voltage training as a supporting tool for metting the competencies described in IMO STCW 2010 Sections A-III/I, A-III/2, A-III/6, and B-III/2. The functionaly was vertified as included in the certification of the GDS SERS by ClassNK in 2020.

Specific Functions:

  • A Vacuum Circuit Breaker (VCB) switch on Circuit Breakers (CBs) GUI Panel in the Engine Control Room (ECR) panels.
  • A GUI Panel for the Operation of the VCB; operated with a mechanical pressure switch gear
  • High Voltage Bus Bar GUI Panel and associated high voltage distribution network
  • High Voltage Transformer with Detail Parameters in another GUI Panel
  • Autostarter GUI Panel for the operations of Bow Thruster
  • Bow Thruster operation loading allows for a black out scenario is implemented with other failure types
  • Our Ship High Voltage Trainer (Ship HVT™) is also delivered within the Ship Electrical Systems Simulator (Ship ESS™) with the HVT™ functions are included.
  • Our Ship HVT™ supports the IMO High Voltage Safety Training programs.
  • Certified by Class NK, as part of the GDS Ship ERS (SERS™)

Although it is not a requirement, GDS HVT can be used as integrated with a real VCB console and a transformer.

GDS SERS , SESS, Ship HVT and other e-Learning solutions for maritime education and training enable instructors have access to our advanced simulators online. Students can access to server from remote locations to exercise and submit their exercise reports.

Our simulators are now available as online / eLearning modules on GDS Connect, which is our platform and ecosystem for maritime simulation and training.

GDS Ship High Voltage Simulator Sample Screen View IMO Model Course Vacuum Circuit Breaker View

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GDS Ship High Voltage Simulator Sample Screen View IMO Model Course
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