Global Dynamic Systems. GDS Systems Engineering Training Programs. Simulators. Engine Room Simulator (ERS). Ship. Electrical Systems Simulator. Physics Lab. UH60. Amphibious. Ground Vehicles. Military Training Programs. MIL-STD-810H Online Training. Environmental Testing of Military Products. Training helps reduce your design and operational risks. We provide MIL-STD-810H, RTCA-DO-160, Vibration and Shock, FAA Requirements Management courses. by Dr Ismail Cicek and a CVE certified by EASA. Ship Engine Room Simulator (ERS) SERS GDS Engineering R&D IMO STCW 2010, Engine Performance, Main Diesel Engine, Marine, Maritime, IMO Model Course 2.07. Certified by Class NK. ITU Maritime Faculty. Yıldız Technical University. Competencies. Operation and Management Level. Education and Training. Assessment of Marine Engineers. Troubleshooting with Fault Tree Scnearious and Analysis Reporting. Maritime. Marine Engineering. San Antonio, Texas, Dayton, OH. WPAFB.

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Global Dynamic Systems

(GDS Engineering R&D | GDS)

Established in 2014, GDS Engineering R&D offers products and services to the transporation industry.

The vision of GDS started earlier than 2014. Our personnel has been providing engineering services in various defense programs and projects and educational services since 1997. GDS was first estblised in San Antonio, Texas in 2008, the headquarters was then moved to Istanbul, Turkey in 2014.

Established by Dr Ismail Cicek, GDS now provides engineering services and products to the industry with a small team of engineers and managers of seven (7), academic consultants or part time subject matter experts (SMEs) of more than 10, and part-time associated students of five (5).

We provide international educational services, test support, or deliver products in various locations in the world, including the main office located in Istanbul, Turkey.

Our main product is Engine Room Simulator (ERS). All of our products are listed in summary here.
Our main services are training and consultancy services on environmental qualification test standards, such as MIL-STD-810H and RTCA-DO-160G.


Ship Engine Room Simulator (ERS) SERS GDS Engineering R&D IMO STCW 2010, Engine Performance, Main Diesel Engine, Marine, Maritime, IMO Model Course 2.07. Certified by ClassNK. ITU Maritime Faculty. Yıldız Technical University. Competencies. Operation and Management Level. Education and Training. Assessment of Marine Engineers. Troubleshooting with Fault Tree Scnearious and Analysis Reporting. Objective Assessment. Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.

We develop and provide engine room simulator to the maritime schools, institutions, and companies. Our modern and effective Engine Room Simulator (ERS), certified by ClassNK in 2020, is already in use by many institutions around the world. Click here to read more about the GDS simulator products. Our simulator development story involves the collaborations with universities, industrial firms and governmental or non-governmental organizations.

Maritime Simulator Products

GDS provides Ship Engine Room Simulator product called SERS.
Ship Engine Room Simulator

SERSTM is a certified, advanced, and Full Mission engine room simulator that can be used in both laboratory and distributed team environment training.
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GDS Ship Electrical Systems Sİmulator, Engine oom Simulator ERS Distributed System Full mission Panels
Ship Electrical Systems Simulator (SESSTM)

SESSTM is a software simulation of all electrical systems in a typical engine room. It can be used as a laboratory software or in-class demonstration software.
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GDS Ship High Voltage Simulator Sample Screen View IMO Model Course
Ship High Voltage Training Simulator (HVTSTM)

HVTSTM is a software, which can be used in the training of high voltage operations onboard a ship, such as Vacuum Circuit Breaker, Transformer, and high power loading to the main bus.
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GDS provides Virtual Physics Labs Product called VPL.
Virtual Physics Labs

VPLTM is software, which supports the laboratory sessions of Physics I and and II experiements, which are mechanical and electrical experiments, respectively.
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With years of experience in developing defence and aviations systems and environmental test experience, GDS provides training on defense, aviation, and industry test standards. Click here to read more about the details of the systems engineering and test training subjects.

Mitigate your risks before they actually happen MIL-STD-810H Training STD-461 RTCA-DO-160G (1)

Training Programs
Systems Engineering | Online or Onsite | International

GDS provides MIL-STD-810H training, online or onsite.
MIL-STD-810H training program emphesizes the tailoring methodologies for qualification testing of specific military equipment and products.
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GDS provides RTCA-DO-160G 
training program. Two and a half days of focused training on environmental and EMI/EMC qualification testing of airborne equipment.
RTCA-DO-160G training program provides two and a half days of focused training on environmental and EMI/EMC qualification testing of airborne equipment.
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GDS provides MIL-STD-461G and MIL-STD-464D training, online or onsite.
MIL-STD-461G training program includes the selection of test methods for platforms, test requirements (w/MIL-STD-464), test procedures, test report reviews, design ideas, and test process.
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GDS provides other training programs, including:
– MIL-STD-704F
– Req. Management
– Project Management
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We also provide environmental testing services including the testing of your products to MIL-STD-810H, RTCA-DO-160G, and other military and industry standards. Some of which are vibrations, mechanical shock, low/high temperature, humidity, corrosion (salt spray, salt fog), and drop. We can help reduce your final issues in your product development through experience sharing, testing, or analysis.

Online Training on MIL-STD-810H, RTCA-DO-160, MIL-STD-461G, MIL-STD-704 Environmental Testing of Products, provided by GDS Engineering R&D, Systems Engineering Products and Solutions. Training Led by a Live US-based Sr. Instructor: Dr. Ismail Cicek. Product Verification and Validation Courses for Integrated Systems. C-17 Military Aicraft. FAA/EASA. US DoD. Safety First. US Army. US Air Force and US Navy Tailoring Examples for Mission and Environmental Profile. Setting Test Limits and Durations are Explained. How to evaluate test results and mitigate the risk (Risk Assessment Matrix). Aircafft Equipment, Devices, Plugs, Machinary, Engines, Compressors, or Carry-on. European CE Time Schedule. FAA Requirements Management. Efficient way of learning. Continues Education. Class Material.

We aim to support your business goals in the advancement of the human prosperity and healthy living.


We also prodive support to the industrial organisations in their product development or research projects by means of training, consultacies or services.

Our capabilities in desing and engineering solution projects, are, in summary:

  • Online Training Courses: We provide online training courses on Systems Engineering related topics, such as MIL-STD-810H Product Testing, RTCA-DO-160G Product Testing, MIL-STD-461G EMI/EMC Testing.
  • Mechanical Design: Solid modeling, parts and components desing, system design (i.e., engine parts, pipes, etc) engineering system design (cooling system, hyraulic/pneumatic systems, geabox design, etc.), surface modeling, and so on.
  • Engineering Analysis: Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Finite Element Analysis, Fluid-Structure Interaction, Vibration, Shock, and Sound Analysis, Impact Analysis, etc.
  • System Simulations: Our firm is developing engine simulators, in which both diesel engine processes and systems and subsystems (turbocharger, air cooler, manifolds, etc.) are modeled and simulated.
  • Use of the Ship Engine Room Simulator:  Our engine room simulator is complete for educational use. However, it also has high level of research capabilities for use by ship operating agencies for testing and understanding their systems’ behaviors. Our simulator is basically a “twin modal” of your container type ship.
  • Machine Learning: With a through study of your plant parameters, we can propose and develop useful periodic reports on how to manage your systems better with problems arising before they actually occur.

GDS Engineering has the infrastructure, knowledge, personnel, and infrastructure and has taken part in international projects or to led projects. GDS has its own Project Management System (GDS-PMS) as well as Quality Management System (GDS-QMS) that help produce various tools and templates for use in project or quality management including risk-based management methods.

Training Registration Request Form

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    Our firm, consisting of PhDs, senior engineers, and highly skilled managers, are experienced in all phases of product development and project management; requirements, research, planning, design, analysis, testing, certification, and personnel training.  We provide engineering and services for your success in your project and company goals.

    We utilize engineering software and tools depending on the Project requirements, when needed, for example: -3D CAD and CAM packages: AutoCAD, SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor -Engineering Analysis and Optimization: ANSYS Fluent and ANSYS Packages, Autodesk Inventor -System Simulation: CATIA -GT-Power Engine Analysis and Simulation Software – SIL and HIL Simulations -LSTC LS Dyna -National Instruments LabVIEW, LabVIEW RT and NI DAQ/Control Hardware -Matlab, C/C++, and other software when needed.

    We also develop our own engineering modeling and analysis programs. For example, we have our mathematical models developed for the analysis and simulation of diesel engines. This module helps testing of diesel engines and comparing the results against the simulated baseline system.

    Energy Management in Marine Engineering: We understand and can model your marine engineering platform for identifying the deficiences for energy management for your cost saving.

    Use ERS Exercise Workbooks and Manuals in your Operational and Management Level Trainings: Students Love it!

    GDS Ship Engine Room Simulator (Ship ERS or SERS™)
    User Manuals and Exercise Workbooks

    Line Up - ME Fresh Water Cooling System IMO STCW 2010 Training, IMO Model Course 2.07. Prevent Maritime Accidents. Training is Important. Marine Engineering Training Products, Ship Engine Room Simulator, Ship ERS or simply the SERS, provided by GDS Engineering R&D.

    ERS User Manuals Set for Meeting IMO Model Course 2.07 (2017 Ed.) Exercise Objectives and STCW 2010 Training Requirements, Supplemented with Root Cause Analysis Exercises

    SERS™ is provided with a total of seven (7) user manuals, student exercise workbooks, and documents as complementary to the training practices. All these documents are supplied with a license purchase.

    SERS User Manual Vol I (Software Description) describes the SERS software with the SERS Graphical User Interface (GUI) Panels accessed from the SERS Main Graphical User Interface (GUI) Panel.

    SERS User Manual Volume II (Engine Room Operations) includes the operational instructions on how to operate the engine room systems and machinery using the SERS. The training institutions can directly use the contents of this manual in their training procedures. There are also exercises included for use by the trainees for reporting.

    SERS User Manual Vol III (Installation & Configuration) describes the installation and the configuration of the software and hardware items. Using this manual, SERS can be configured to run as a Distributed System and the touch screen hardware panels can be assigned to desired GUI panels using the configuration files.

    SERS User Manual Volume IV (Instructor’s Manual) includes guides, information, and additional exercise tips for the instructors to utilize SERS in their trainings according to a specific training objective.

    SERS Philosophy Document provides how SERS may be used in a curricula or in engine room simulator training programs. It provides guides for selecting the configuration of the SERS according to the training objectives.

    Student Exercise Workbooks per IMO Model Course 2.07 (2017 Version)

    Student Exercise Workbook, Volume I: We are already using the simulator in our own training programs and developed Volume I with exercies that meets each objectives of the IMO Model Course 2.07. Volume I exercises includes the Engine Room Operational Level training objectives.

    Student Exercise Workbook,Volume II: Volume II exercises includes the Engine Room Management Level training objectives in accordance with IMO Model Course 2.07.

    Using the SERS™ document set in classroom study also promotes the real-world engine room best work practices of using manuals in operation and management of the engine room machinery and systems.
    Visit the Ship ERS ( SERS™) product page for more information

    Autonomous Surface Vehicle (ASV): Flipper

    Our current ASV, Flipper, is a catamaran model and has the remote control capability.  When complete, Flipper will have the following 3 modes:

    -Remote Control

    -Autonomous Control Mode

    -Safety Mode (Return Home)

    In autonomous mode, the ASV will execute the mission plan.  It will transmit the video and recevie and transmit the control and status data.