GDS Engineering R&D Systems Engineering Products Solutions and Services

Academic and Professional Services

Organizational Training & Consultancy Services

We provide process improvement trainings for having efficient processes and product management in your company.

Product Testing & Certification Services at Istanbul Technical University, Marine Equipment Test Center

Services for testing of your products for acceptance and certifications

Modeling, Analysis & Simulations (Products and Services for Industry 4.0)

Products and Services for Developing Industry 4.0 library of components and mathematical models. Our libraries can be used for 2D and 3D simulation of your real-world systems and processes.

Testing Services by Marine Equipment Test Center at Istanbul Technical University Maritime Faculty

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Gemi Teçhizatı Test Merkezi (GTTM) Test Hizmetlerimiz thumbnail1

Gemi Teçhizatı Test Merkezi (GTTM) Test Hizmetlerimiz: Test Capabilities and Environmental Testing Test Chambers


Gemi Teçhizatı Test Merkezi, Tehlikeli Madde Ambalaj Testleri

Testing and Certification of Hazardous Materials Packages: 
Testing of Packagings per ADR Agreement



GTTM Testing of Lifesaving Equipment

Testing of Marine Life Saving Equipment (LSA) (per IMO LSA Code)

GTTM Training Courses on Testing

Short Training Courses on Test Planning and Documents, Test Standarts, Testing and Test Management
(per MIL-STD-810G, RTCA-DO-160, and other standards)