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Experience in Defence Industry

GDS Mühendislik ARGE was established by Dr. Ismail Cicek in TEKNOPARK ISTANBUL in 2014. The company is to develop systems engineering products and provide engineering services. Our team consists of two Ph.D., one Master, and two graduate level experienced engineers. We have currently two Ph.D., one MS and two graduate level engineers and scientists in our team. Dr. Ismail Cicek was the owner of Global Dynamic Systems, Inc. (GDSI), located in Texas-USA and he moved his company to TEKNOPARK ISTANBUL location in 2014. Dr. Cicek has about 15 years of engineering and management experience in US DOD programs and projects.

Young and Dynamic Team

Talents of GDS Mühendislik includes Dr. Burak Ozsoy who just completed his Ph.D. İn Mechanical Engineering Dept. at Texas Tech University in 2014. He has both industrial and academic experiencein modeling and simulation of human motion dynamics. The application of his studies are aviation, automotive sector, robotics and health.


We aim to establish a Center of Excellence for Impact Studies in which we have a great deal of both industrial and academic experince. The application of this are, for example, impact of bird or other foreign object strikes to aircraft, aircraft accidents and certification of products through analysis, maritime accidents, design improvement of safety devices as well as structural components in platforms and vehicles. We found TEKNOPARK ISTANBUL is a great location for providing our services and developing products through collaboration since the location is in the center of various mega-industries, i.e. Shipbuilding, Automative, Aviation and so on.

Experience in Systems Engineering

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss our capabilities and our systems engineering products and services. More importantly, we would like to discuss how we can provide solutions to your end-user requirements for your success! We always treat our customers as part of our team to achieve together.

The Team GDS


Qualified Engineering Analysis for Design Improvement as well as Validation and Certification of  Your Products

GDS Mühendislik ARGE has the simulation and analysis capabilities for supporting your projects that involves impact and acceleration certifications. We have qualified personnel to meet the demands of military and non-military project requirements. We utilize high technology infrastructure systems and software, i.e. LSTC LS-DYNA, ANSYS, MATLAB and other complimentary engineering software/modules and engineering tools in order to have events and scenarios are simulated via validated analysis.

Center of Excellence through Collaboration

We are teamed up with other experts in both commercial and academic organizations (ITU, FIGES, MILPER, and others) to ensure that our team continuously capture the advancements, lead the methodologies, and sustain the know-how in our model and scenario databases. We aim to provide verified/validated solutions in your challenging engineering problems along with risk assessment analyzed with Integrated Team (SMEs) Meetings (ITMs).


GDS Mühendislik ARGE has excellent capabilities for analyzing systems or engineering parts and providing services, such as establishing requirements, developing concept design, design through analysis, implementation and prototyping, integration, verification, validation, and acceptance of your product via project management as well as test management throughout the project. We also provide services for certification of your products through testing or analysis when applicable.

Analysis & Simulation

Analiysis, Simulation, Test and Risk Identification for Impact and Acceleration Events (Applicable in Aviation, Naval, Automative and Health Applications.


Subject Matter Expert Team for Investigation through the use of state-of-the-art Engineering Analysis Capabilities and Research. 

Engineering Analysis

MATLAB, CFD TOOLS, ANSYS/LSTC, FEA and Custom Software Development


Certification of  Devices for Land, Air and Naval Platforms Use.

Human Modeling

We do have a human model which can be directly adopted to use in your Health, Robotics, Aviation, or Automative Product Development projects. 

Test Systems

Test Devices Development and Data Acquisition with LABVIEW.

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GDS Team – GDS Mühendislik ARGE


GDS Mühendislik ARGE...


  • Acceleration Test Methodology, Published by Dr. Cicek [PDF]
  • Safe-to-Fly Test and Evaluation: A Case Study [PDF]


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