Ship Engine Room Simulator (ERS) SERS GDS Engineering R&D IMO STCW 2010, Engine Performance, Main Diesel Engine, Marine, Maritime, IMO Model Course 2.07. Certified by ClassNK. ITU Maritime Faculty. Yıldız Technical University. Competencies. Operation and Management Level. Education and Training. Assessment of Marine Engineers. Troubleshooting with Fault Tree Scnearious and Analysis Reporting. Objective Assessment. Nippon Kaiji Kyokai.High Voltage Training Functions 6600 VAC. Ship Propulsion Systems. Maritime Education and Training. Main Engine Performance. Sunken Diagrams. Energy Efficiency. Marine Engineering. Effect of Draft Change in the Ship Main Engine Performance Parameters. Management Level Training Exercices, Marine Engineering Education and Training. SERS Trademark

Operating Marine Diesel Engines – IMO STCW 2010 Competency Requirements

Operation of the engine room machinary and systems: Watch GDS Engine Room Simulator Demonstration Videos

Watch the videos demonstrated by our students. Operation of the engine room machinary and system in accordance with the IMO Compentency Requirements.

Thanks fr watching and please communicate with us if you would like to have this training system be incorporated in your training programms.